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“Each time we express ourselves we move through a cycle, through a letting go and a rebirth, through our creation and recreation story.”

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My Story

After spending several years coaching leaders in the corporate world and then women starting out in business I noticed a common thread.


No matter how experienced someone was, regardless of education, age, wealth…..everyone struggled with the same thing.


Deeply rooted beliefs that created undesirable feelings, however instead of processing these emotions they were instead packed away, deemed weak and unhelpful to success.


Eventually these unexpressed emotions would play out in other ways, showing up in their work, their business and their personal lives.  


In order to grow their business, get that promotion and improve their lives it all came back to one thing. Learning to fully express themselves and step into the power of choosing how they experienced life.


There had to be a balance of what they knew and what they felt.



I am passionate about guiding you into the knowing and the feeling. As a certified Neuroscience Coach and Mirimiri Healing Practitioner I love to blend brain based coaching and energetic healing practices to help you take charge of how you choose to feel. 

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Are You.......

Expressing yourself but finding that your emotions still rule you?

Stuck in a cycle repeating the same emotional experience over and over?

Struggling to fully take control of your emotions?

Are you suppressing your emotions to avoid feeling them?

Let me help you

How it works

Coaching with me is a safe place for you to be fully vulnerable in your emotions, to see what cycles you are trapped in and how all of it is an extension of deeply embedded beliefs. I am here to guide you, to hold you, to nudge you gently into feeling fully. I move between the science of how our brain works and the deeper knowing of energy vibrations, I take inspiration from both neuroscience and traditional energy healing to support you in diving deeply into yourself.


Sessions can be booked in lots of three, we will connect in weekly 90min sessions designed to unlock your power to choose how you feel. Couple sessions are also available and involve individual and couple sessions to encourage growth within self as well as within a relationship.


In between sessions you will be encouraged to explore yourself and apply your insights into your day to day life. You will also have access to me via a messaging app should you need support between sessions.

Let's Chat

If you would like to understand more about how coaching can support you or you are ready to dive in let's chat. 

You can book a free 30 minute no obligation call with me to discuss your needs and how I can help. 

My pricing works on a sliding scale depending on peoples financial situations. I also offer payment plan options to make my services as accessible as possible.


“I feel so honoured to have journeyed through the 12-week coaching program with this Mana Wahine. The support, guidance, nourishment and challenge came at the perfect time when the universe aligned in a global initiation to give me the space and time to dive deep and into areas that I had locked deep within my being. Looking back I can't even believe all the ground we covered. I know my life will forever be more aligned for our time together. I'm so grateful our tīpuna brought us together. Mihi nui I to mahi e kare.”

Gabrielle Walker