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relationship coaching

Couples Coaching

A commitment to growth, awareness and transformation within self and each other.

Being in relationship is as beautiful as it is challenging. There are always ebbs and flows to the connection and it is normal to find yourself and your partner questioning if your relationship is meeting your needs.

Sometimes we can navigate this on our own and other times we need help to work through these harder moments.

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Couples coaching

Who is couples coaching for?

Couples who both recognise that change is needed within their relationship and each person is committed to their individual/relationship growth.

There is nothing more needed than a desire to change the current state of your relationship.

If you are experiencing any of the these in your relationship, couples coaching will help you create change;

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  • Reoccurring arguments that go over the same issue again and again.

  • A feeling of not being heard or misunderstood by your partner.

  • Emotional manipulation through silent treatment, threats, gaslighting etc.

  • A lack of intimacy and deep connection.

  • Lack of respect for each other.

  • The absence of a safe place to openly express yourself.

  • A loss of self and ones identity within the relationship.


How does it work?

Change your relationship and yourselves in just seven weeks
  • Weekly zoom coaching calls - 60-90 mins per session.

  • Alternate between individual sessions one week and a couples session the next.

  • Seven weeks includes six individual sessions - three for each person - and four couple sessions.

  • Aligned activities will be provided for completion in between sessions.

  • 24/7 access to me via WhatsApp for support between sessions.

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