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Welcome and thank you for chatting with me about how we can work together in the coaching space. As I mentioned my style of coaching is very fluid and we focus on whatever is taking up your focus at the time of our sessions. Ideally we will have an overall goal in mind that we are working towards however the journey we take to get there is revealed as we begin to travel it together. During the sessions you can expect to explore your current thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, how these might be blocking you from achieving your goal and what we can do to transform these. I will support you to take things that seem like a complex web and unravel them so we can both lay them out and begin to examine them. Sessions are 90 minutes , the cost is normally $120 per session however you are being offered this as a koha at no cost. The commitment I require from you is your time, dedication and focus over the next 8 weeks. To start your coaching journey with me simply hit the 'Sign Up' button below, complete the form and book in your first session. At the end of each session we will book in the next one, ideally we will work together weekly however if you require more flexibility in this we can chat about it during our first session together, Speaking from personal experience the best thing I have ever done is invest in a coach, someone who could hold be accountable to my personal growth and help me see what I couldn't on my own. If you are ready to start creating change in your life then sign up now.

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Morningside, Auckland, New Zealand

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