Mirimiri Healing

Releasing of emotional energy blocks through body adjustment & korero

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 100 New Zealand dollars
  • 3/671 New North Road, Morningside, Auckland 1022

Service Description

When energy is stuck in our body it moves into physical illness if we don’t shift it. If you are experiencing…… - Recurring illness. - Recurring physical injury. - Issues of weakness or pain in one area of the body. - Constant tight or sore muscles. - A pattern of injury or illness in your whanau (family). Mirimiri can support the understanding of what trauma could be contributing to these manifestations and how to start healing this on an energetic level and in turn a physical level. Sessions are 90mins and include; - Energy clearing - Cellular activation using pressure points in the body - Targeted healing using rongoa (Māori herbal medicine) - Hinengaro (mind) balancing through korero (coaching) - An oracle card pull for further guidance - A small koha for you to take away What is Mirimiri? Many mistake Mirimiri to be maori massage however it is in fact the practice of clearing the energy of that which is unseen and untouched. Through korero (discussion) and body work the practice identifies where trauma is being stored within our tinana (body) and encourages us to release it. Often painful at the time the body work supports stagnant energy to move out of our body, creating space for new energy to enter in. The korero supports the uncovering of the whakapapa (lineage) of the trauma, by better understanding it we are in a position to begin healing it.

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Morningside, Auckland, New Zealand

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