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Create your own playbook for the dating game

six week dating challenge

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Imagine if you could enjoy dating someone even if it didn't end in love......

Figuring out the dating game is tough, especially when there isn't a rule book everyone is following. 

What if I told you the secret to cracking the dating game is to create your own playbook, to pull together your own set of rules that allow you to enjoy the whole dating experience.


This Six Week Dating Challenge helps you to date in a way that feels good for you, so you can enjoy the journey to finding love as much as the destination.

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Who is the challenge for?

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The Six Week Dating Challenge is for you if you want to find the fun in dating again, if you want to enjoy the experience of finding love. It's for you, if you want to be part of a community of people who are all dating and learning to love it.


Maybe right now....


   You're feeling like there are no good 'options' out there, that the pickings are slim in the dating space.

You will have to settle for less than what you want in order to find love.


You're afraid to pull down the walls around your heart in case you get hurt again.

    You have unhealthy patterns showing up when you date or are attracting less than ideal dates.

You sometimes feel like there must be something wrong with you.

I've been there myself, I so badly wanted to be in a healthy and loving relationship but I kept finding myself in the same patterns, experiencing the same issues with dating, swinging between being committed to the process and wanting to give up!

Across my years of dating I personally grew in ways I don't believe I would of had I not worked to enjoy the whole dating experience. Now that I am in a loving relationship I can look back on the journey I took with fondness, for the fun I had and the growth it gave me, now I want to help you take this same journey.

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you can have fun, explore & experience connection on your way to finding love

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six week dating challenge

Create your own playbook for the dating game so you can have fun on the way to finding love.

   What you will receive when you sign up:   

A Guide to Creating Your Most Authentic Dating Bio

As soon as you join you will immediately get a copy of my comprehensive guide to creating an authentic dating bio for the dating apps. This guide will include the pro's and con's of each dating app, tips on what to include in your bio and a style guide to curate images that reflect your true personality.

Access to a Private Facebook Community 

Everyone completing the challenge will be connected through a private Facebook community. Sharing your ups and downs with other people who are navigating the dating game means we don't feel alone in the journey to finding love. In this space you will be encouraged, to learn, share and grow alongside others who are also learning to have fun while finding love. 

Weekly Lessons on Creating Your Dating Playbook 

Each week I will share in the Facebook group a 'Lesson on Love', these lessons will be jam packed full of knowledge, tips and hacks which will help you to craft another page for your personal dating playbook. 

Weekly Missions

Each week during the challenge you will be given a mission, something that will encourage you to go outside your comfort zone when it comes to dating. These missions are designed to help you break out of your dating rut, explore, experiment and ultimately learn what you do and don't want when dating. 


Pre-Date Mindset Practice

A guided ritual that encourages you to ground into what is important for you when dating, this practice encourages you to open your mind and your heart so you can enjoy whatever experience your date has to offer.


A List of 100 Date Ideas

Break out of that box of boring dates with this comprehensive list of date ideas. This list offers a huge range of options depending on what you enjoy to do and what you feel comfortable experiencing with someone else. Boring dates will be a thing of the past.

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join the six week dating challenge


~ Guide To Creating Your Authentic Dating Bio ($59 value)

~ Weekly Lessons + Dating Playbook ($595 value)

~ Weekly Missions ($299 value)

~ Access to a Private Facebook Community (Priceless)

~ BONUS Pre-Date Mindset Practice ($27)

~ BONUS List of 100 Date Ideas ($19 value)





If after the end of the challenge you don’t feel 100% happy with your experience you'll get credit for the full amount invested to put towards other services and treatments.

Yes, you read that right! 

T&C's apply.

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