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Nau Mai, Haere Mai

Welcome to Maea, I’m Eve, I’m a Kaiwhitiwhitikōrero (Life Coach) and I help people who are experiencing massive life changes that have them questioning who they are.

As a certified Neuroscience Coach and a Traditional Maori Healer. I use brain based coaching and energy work to help you reconnect to who you are and start creating a life you love. 

Over the last three years I have been through a huge identity transformation myself and by using my knowledge of thought work and body work I have been able to reconnect to the core of who I am. 

Who am I? I'm a determined, passionate and loving badass. I am open, intuitive and when I choose to be I am fierce as f@#k!

Who are you?


You know who you are you have just been conditioned and socialised not to listen to yourself

I help you clear out the noise so you can remember who you are

coaching Services

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A six week journey of reconnection to who you are. The Mana Movement is for anyone looking to explore who they are and start living a life you love.


Work with me one on one in a coaching space to create deep transformational shifts, master your mana (personal power) and start showing up as your authentic self

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Through specially crafted events, workshops and webinars I love taking deep dives into topics that support you to discover who you are.



“I feel so honoured to have journeyed through the 12-week coaching program with this Mana Wahine. The support, guidance, nourishment and challenge came at the perfect time when the universe aligned in a global initiation to give me the space and time to dive deep and into areas that I had locked deep within my being. Looking back I can't even believe all the ground we covered. I know my life will forever be more aligned for our time together. I'm so grateful our tīpuna brought us together. Mihi nui I to mahi e kare.”

Gabrielle Walker