A Safe Space for Sowing Seeds of Self Healing
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Nau Mai, Haere Mai

Welcome to Maea, I’m Eve and I’m on a mission to contribute to Tino Rangatiratanga (absolute sovereignty) through raising the well being of the collective. My mahi (work) aims to normalise healthy emotional expression so we may heal the wounds of the past and create a future where it is safe to feel. 

As a certified Neuroscience Coach, Traditional Maori Healer and Zero Balancing Student. I use brain based coaching and body work to help you reconnect to your emotional expression and take charge of how you choose to feel. 

I'm a mother of one, a wahine maori, a sun lover, an introvert and a life long learner. I value the ability to heal oneself and in everything I do my goal is to support other in healing themselves. 

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“Mehemea he raruraru kei a koe, me wewete e koe”


If you have troubles, free yourself


A fully personalised healing experience. Work with me one on one in a coaching space to create transformational shifts, identify what is driving your emotional experiences, or lack of, so you can fully take charge of your emotions and your life.

Working with the body is so important to our healing, what is happening is our body informs our mind so it makes sense to process and release at a physical as well as a mental level. I work on a muscular level using traditional maori healing and a skeletal level as a student of Zero Balancing

I love sharing space with others and having spent a large part of my career facilitating training in the corporate world I know the power of coming together to learn and grow. 

I offer a range of workshops and collaborations in various locations, check out if I am coming to a location near you.



“I feel so honoured to have journeyed through the 12-week coaching program with this Mana Wahine. The support, guidance, nourishment and challenge came at the perfect time when the universe aligned in a global initiation to give me the space and time to dive deep and into areas that I had locked deep within my being. Looking back I can't even believe all the ground we covered. I know my life will forever be more aligned for our time together. I'm so grateful our tīpuna brought us together. Mihi nui I to mahi e kare.”

Gabrielle Walker